The future of fan engagement is here

AGAME uses AI-powered chatbots, voicebots, machine learning, and big data analytics to help clubs connect, engage and convert supporters like never before. Whether it's pre, post, or during matches, AGAME's intelligent platform and deep integration capabilities are redefining the future of fan engagement.

Automated competitions

Stats & integrations

24/7/365 service

Upsell algorithms

Bot to human handoff

Fan data & profiling

Ecommerce integration



AGAME's auto engage features use machine learning to understand when, where and how best to engage with your fans. Do they need a match day assistant? A pre-match city guide? Ticket sales notifications or something else completely? With automated competitions, deep statistical integrations, push notifications, targeted message templates and natural language conversations, your supporters will get more from their matchday experience, without demanding more from your internal teams.


Our chatbots and voice assistants don't clock off after the final whistle, so your supporters can interact with your club 24/7/365. In fact, the more your fans engage with you, the more points they score thanks to our 'superfan' gamification algorithm, which tracks, analyses and rewards the fans that consume and share your content most readily. Welcome to AI-powered fan engagement gamification!


With e-commerce and ticketing system integrations, monetizing through the AGAME platform is simple and straightforward. Track conversions and identify sales opportunities with our 'propensity to purchase' algorithms. Convert opportunities directly in the bot or handoff seamlessly to a human agent with a synopsis of the opportunity and recommended 'next best action'.


Every fan interaction is captured and analyzed so you can profile supporter 'swarms' and broadcast relevant messages at scale, with ease, for free. Season tickets? New kits? Hospitality offers? Select the most appropriate audience types based on their past interactions and push promotions directly into the handsets of relevant recipients. This is contextual marketing for the 21st century!

Engage across web, voice and messaging

AGAME takes fan engagement and customer service to a whole new level. Our intuitive platform increases fan affinity with automated match updates, stats, highlights, competitions and more. Be there wherever 'there' might be; web, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. AGAME's omnichannel coverage means your club is available to fans anytime, anywhere and on any channel.

Live scores

Latest news

Tickets and merch

Match highlights

Team messages

Stadium info

Player stats


Seamless service

It's not always about the fun stuff. Sometimes your supporters need your support and customer service that requires a level of emotional intelligence beyond even AGAME. When that happens, AGAME seamlessly routes your fans through to the most appropriate human agent so they can take over the conversation via live chat or telephone. Once a resolution is reached, AGAME automation kicks right back in to close out the chat. Simple, fast, effective customer service at scale... You're welcome!

Know your data, know your fans

Working with the World's top clubs to engage millions of fans means we're building a rich repository of fan interaction intelligence. When working with AGAME, your sports club can leverage and act upon that intelligence to give your supporters more of what they want, when they want it.

'Propensity to purchase' and gamification algorithms, are just some of the smarts triggered by the data we process. Recommended games, human agent handoff and integrated stats feeds all combine to make AGAME the most dynamic, data driven fan engagement platform available today. And guess what? The more data we collect, the smarter we get!

"AGAME is proving to be a fantastic and innovative way of engaging our fans pre, during and post matches."

- Paul Rogers, Head of Digital, AS Roma

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